High Performance Air Induction
for 3.6 Litre XJS cars


Growler Air Intake installed

Add 6-10 horsepower to your 3.6 liter XJS with a lifetime, direct fit, high flow and performance K&N air filter kit from v12performance. The QuickCat filter kit completely replaces the air canister and atttaches directly to the mass air sensor. In addition to increasing air flow and engine power it also produces a great “sporting note” that adds a real sports car sound to your XJS. It's designed to be cleaned and reused every 15,000 to 20,000 miles and comes with a lifetime manufacturer's warranty so you will never have to buy another air filter.

No changes to the car are necessary and the factory air cannister can be easily refitted if necessary. Installation is a simple clamp-on, 10 to 15 minute operation. The only tool needed is a screwdriver.

To order the QuickCat 3.6 liter filter kit click here. For additional information please email us or call Brian Welker at 214-769-4555


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