Jaguar XJS V12 Fuel Hoses

Jaguar XJS V12 Remanufactured Fuel Hoses

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We're proud to be the source for reasonably priced, higher quality than Jaguar, OEM fuel line hoses. Many of these hoses are very hard to find or just simply NLA, no longer available. All of our hoses are rebuilt using genuine Jaguar hardware which has been thoroughly inspected and cleaned. We then use Thermoid SAE9R spec fuel injector hose, which we believe to be the finest available for this application and has a rated operation range from -29F to +302F. This results in a hose more durable and able to withstand the heat stress produced by the V12 engine and the hoses location right on top of it. All at about half of the Jaguar price, if you can find them.

All XJS fuel line hoses, both these and the fuel injector hoses, should be soft and pliable. If yours are rock hard put these on your maintenence todo list. If they are cracked and/or leaking park your car and don't drive it as fuel seeping/leaking from these hoses or the injectors is by far the most common source of catastrophic fires that kill our cars. Only $65.00 each or $250.00 for all four.

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Please note that these hoses have a $50.00 per hose core charge that will returned in full when we receive your old hoses


Jaguar XJS V12 Fuel Injection Renew/Repair kits

If your fuel injector hoses are hard, cracked and/or leaking, please click here for our kit


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