Jaguar XJS Hood/Bonnet Shocks/Lift Supports


If your hood/bonnet needs a stick to keep it from closing unexpectedly and hitting you in the head, you need new hood/bonnet shocks.
These quality parts come in three versions.
XJS 76-92 (to VIN# 184671) Jaguar part# BD48027 $29.77/each. (Dealer price around $90)
92-96 locking (from VIN# 184672) Jaguar part# BEC15544 - $84.60/ea.
92-96 non-locking (from VIN# 184672) Jaguar part# BEC13515 - $55.74/ea.

Please note that 1992-1996 cars use one each of the locking and
non-locking strut.


Jaguar XJS Trunk/Boot Shocks/Lift Supports



Our boot/trunk shocks are the same quality as the bonnet/hood shocks,
fit XJS 82-96 and are priced at only $39.30/each.



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