The CatCooler™ Very High Flow
Twin Electric Cooling Fans System
for Jaguar XJS V12

Growler Air Intake installed

Overheating resulting in dropped valve seats and engine failure is certainly one of the biggest and most expensive problems facing XJS V12 drivers. The V12 is probably most vulnerable to overheating at low speeds and in stop and go traffic, when the original mechanical fan turns at its slowest just as maximum air flow is critical. V12 Performance has addressed this problem with the CatCoolerXJS V12 Jaguar cooling fans system, a solution that is effective, rugged and reasonably priced.

This high performance twin electric fan system is specifically engineered to handle the cooling problems too many Jaguar XJS V12 drivers face. The CatCooler features two powerful 14-inch electric fans rated at a total flow of over 4500 CFM (cubic feet per minute), far higher than the original factory fans. The fans are mounted on a heavy duty 14 gauge steel shroud, with the same dimensions and mounting points as the original factory unit, and are protected by a tough, long lasting baked-on powder coat finish.

The CatCooler Jaguar cooling fans system, the only one available anywhere for XJS and XJ12 cars, is designed as a direct drop in replacement for the factory fans and shroud and requires no cutting, welding or other permanent modifications for installation. The CatCoolerfan system fits with either the factory Jaguar radiator or the CatCooler aluminum super duty radiator. All mounting hardware is top quality stainless steel and the CatCooler includes all necessary wiring and relays along with detailed installation instructions and is priced at only $499.00.

Lower both your Jaguar's engine temperatures and your stress level with the The CatCooler exclusively from V12 Performance.