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Growler Air Intake installed

CatCooler™ twin electric cooling fan system for XJS V12

CatCooler Jaguar XJS V12 super-duty aluminum radiator

Overheating is certainly one of the biggest and most stress inducing problems facing XJS V12 drivers. At V12 Performance we have developed the CatCoolerfamily of cooling upgrades designed and made specifically for the Jaguar XJS V12 and available nowhere else as a solution. They include the CatCooler twin electric cooling fan system, CatCooler super-duty aluminum radiator and Auxilary fan switch upgrade to help solve these problems.

As customer Ken L. told us

"Just wanted to share that the radiator and fan assemblies I purchased were the solution to the overheating problem. Haven’t gotten back to you as things are really busy here. I’ve put a few hundred miles on the car and the temp gage never touched the bottom of the “N” let alone the top of the “H” as it used to. Anyway, THANKS! The dude runs great!'

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V12 Performance is also the exclusive USA supplier of Tefba coolant filters and Enhanced Brass Radiator Banjo bolts. We also carry a full range of cooling related replacement/maintenence parts including OEM radiators, hoses, thermostats, etc. at very competitive prices.

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