LED Interior Lights Upgrade
for Jaguar XJS, XJ6 and XJ12



Interior lamps in XJS and other classic Jaguars are nortoriously dim. Dash mounted map lights that are near useless for reading maps or anything else for that matter and trunk/boot lamps that are woefully inadeaquate. Add to that discolored, brittle and/or melted lenses caused by the excessive heat generated by incandescent bulbs and this old technology comes up short.

The solution is modern technology in the form of LED bulbs. They emit 2-3 times more light than the standard incandescent bulds, produce very little heat and with a 10,000 hour rated life, last pretty much forever. With our LEDís youíll be able to read addresses/directions, find things in the glove box, on the floor, in the back or in the trunk/boot at night. Not a world changer but certainly a nice quality of life improvement at low cost and with little effort. Also, because of their low power consumption, LEDs allow you to leave your interior lights/doors open for long period without draining your battery or melting the lenses.

We have sizes to fit the map, glove box, overhead or rear 3 way switch and boot/trunk lights. Not just for the XJS but also XJ6 and E Type. These are quality lights that are both more robust and brighter than the overpriced LEDs found at the local chain parts store. Available both individually and in sets for both coupes and convertibles.



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