XJS Front Sway Bar
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Jaguar XJS Front Anti Sway Bar Upgrade Kit

The XJS is a heavy car and was designed as a high speed Grand Touring machine. As a result, the handling can be less than what many drivers expect. Much of this can be attributed to the fact that the factory installed front sway bar is too small to adequately handle stress produced by a more than two ton car. Also, inexplicably, in 1981 Jaguar removed the rear sway bar from the XJS entirely. Jaguar finally saw the error in its ways in the 90's when it offered an optional Sportspack suspension upgrade that included the addition of a rear sway bar along with a larger front bar.

At QuickCat we are proud to offer the SportCat sway bar upgrade kit(s). This simple and relatively inexpensive suspension upgrade will dramatically improve the handling of your XJS. A driver that has installed this upgrade comments "When I upgraded my OEM front roll bar and added a rear roll bar it completely changed the driving experience of my 86."

Another says "She drives like 'on a rail'. The steering is incredibly precise and the car stays absolutely flat on curves. (I'm having fun seeing how fast I can take interstate cloverleafs!)"

A third says, "I just finished installing a front and rear sway bar kit on my 86 Coupe. It is the BEST improvement I have made to my car! The car handles like a slot car!"

The front sway bar upgrade kit replaces the undersized 7/8" bar with a robust 1" diameter bar which increases torsional stiffness by over 50% and includes a black powder coat finish, quality polyurethane bushings and all mounting hardware necessary for installation.

Jaguar XJS Rear Anti Sway Bar Upgrade Kit

The rear kit features a 7/8" black powder coat bar, polyurethane bushings, stainless steel mounting brackets and all necessary hardware. What more needs to be said? Get a better handle on your XJS with the SportCat sway bar upgrade kit for either front, rear or both. For information about SportCat sway bar kits, please call Brian Welker at 214-769-4555 or email at brian@v12performance.com..