The QuickCat™ High Performance
Air Intake System for
Jaguar XJS V12

Growler Air Intake installed

Left side

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The QuickCat high performance air intake kit from V12 Performance is a high quality, easy to install performance upgrade for Jaguar XJS V12 cars that really works. The very restrictive XJS V12 factory air boxes are equipped with 1.5-inch diameter intake horns and dense air filters that significantly and unnecessarily limit the amount of air available to the engine, limiting horsepower especially at higher revs. To solve this problem, the rugged, all aluminum QuickCat kit (also available in stainless steel) features 2.5-inch intake tubes with K&N high flow air filters that allow your XJS V12 to breathe all of the air it needs to be its best. You’ll experience quite noticeable (15 to 20 HP) performance gains at higher revs (highway speeds and kickdown acceleration) with a pleasing but refined “sporting note” that adds a real sports car sound to your XJS.

No permanent changes to the car are required and the factory air boxes can be easily refitted if necessary. Installation is a simple bolt-on, 30 to 45 minute operation. The only tools needed are a 13mm socket or box wrench/spanner, Allen wrench and a screwdriver.

The V12 Performance QuickCat kit with K&N high flow air filters, for either Lucas (to 1989) or Marelli (1989-on) ignitions, is available in a variety of finishes and includes everything needed for a complete installation - filters and intakes for both sides and all necessary clamps, hoses, grommets, bushings and fittings.