Tefba Cooling System Filters
for XJS V12 and other
Classic Cars and Trucks


A large percentage of the overheating problems that many XJS V12 and other drivers face are directly related to the radiator. Over time it tends to get clogged by debris, condensates and "gunk". One simple way to help prevent the restrictions due to this clogging is to install coolant system filters.

V12 Performance is proud to be the only USA distributor for the Tefba coolant filter which we believe to be the best available, especially for the XJS. We have Tefba filters in the 1 1/4 inch diameter to fit the XJS and 1 1/2 and 1 3/4 diameter sizes to fit practically any car or truck on the road.

Tefba coolant filter

The Tefba filter fits into the inlet hose(s) of your radiator and its stainless steel mesh filter screen catches debris and "crud" in the cooling system before it has a chance to settle and clog your radiator. Unlike other coolant filters, the Tefba features a removeable cap that enables you to easily remove and clean the filter screens in seconds with no loss of coolant and no addition of air to the system. Installation is very simple, requiring only a screwdriver and hose cutter.

The Tefba filter includes everything necessary for installation including two stainless steel mesh filters, (one fine and one coarse), clamps and illustrated instructions. Tefba filters will also fit other Jaguar models and practically any other car or truck on the road. Please contact us about the right filter for your car. To see more photos of the Tefba filter please click here. For installation instructions please click here.

Help prevent overheating and protect your Jaguar's existing radiator or new CatCooler aluminum radiator with a pair of Tefba coolant filters. At only $71.65 they're an inexpensive insurance policy for your vehicles cooling system.



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