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Probably the number one benefit of owning and driving a convertible is the great feeling that comes from driving at speed with the top down. The wind in your hair, with all senses engaged, just can't be beat. Unfortunately, you can have too much of a very good thing. Excessive wind buffeting in the passenger compartment can kill your joy. Whether it's hopelessly tangled hair, not being able to hear the radio, having to shout at your passenger to be understood or freezing from wind chill on an otherwise wonderful day, too much wind is not good.

At V12 Performance we have a solution to the problem, the WindCheater convertible wind deflector/wind baffle/wind blocker for Jaguar XJS cars. Designed specifically for XJS convertibles, the WindCheater allows you to adjust the level of air flow and reduce wind turbulence in the cockpit by 65% to 90%, guaranteed.

The WindCheater features a clear plexiglass upper shield, commonly seen in modern convertibles, a highly wind resistant and flexible dense fabric lower shroud that allows access to the rear seats/storage compartment while driving, and a rugged powder coated steel and aluminum mount. It's not only built for both utility and durability but its low profile design is as unobtrusive as possible to avoid detracting from your Jaguar's classic lines. The WindCheater can be adjusted to the up or down position in seconds with the turn of a knob and your convertible top can be raised or lowered with the WindCheater in either position. Installation is simple, requiring only a wrench and screwdriver, and no cutting or any other modifications are necessary.

The WindCheater is available for XJS convertibles with either a rear seat or storage compartment for only $319.00. Like our other products, we're so certain that you'll be pleased with it, we offer a 30 day no questions asked, money back guarantee. Make your great car even better with the WindCheater.