XJS V12 OEM Radiator

CatCooler Jaguar V12 Aluminum radiator

A top quality OEM replacement radiator for Jaguar XJS V12 with either screw on (later model years) or push on (early model years) transmission cooler fittings. If you are unsure of which type your XJS needs, please contact us.

This radiator will fit and work with either the original cooling fans or the CatCooler twin electric cooling fan system. and we have it at a very competitive price, hundreds under Jaguar list.

Most V12 cooling problems can be traced to a partially clogged radiator. If your radiator is 8-10 years old or older, chances are that it is significantly obstructed and needs to be replaced. For maximum cooling capacity, look at the CatCooler Super-Duty Aluminum Radiator available exclusively from v12performance.

You may also want to look at Tefba coolant filters to help protect your radiator from future clogging.