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Here is what just a few of the
hundreds of Jaguar
drivers in 46 countries worldwide who have
installed the QuickCat Air Intake System have
to say about what it has done for their car.


"If you love your V12 but wish it was quicker, start with QuickCat improved air intakes from v12performance, and let it breathe."

Jim Johnson
Annapolis, Maryland

"In my '91 XJS V12, the acceleration from 30 MPH to 120 (as fast as I wanted to go!) is noticably improved."

Mike Barsby
Wichita, Kansas

"Yes, it does GROWL! I had the intakes installed today. The Tach hits 5000rpm alot quicker on full throttle than it used to. It's a real hoot!"

Darryl Wong-Sing

Kingsburg, California


"It looks great and is of superior quality."

Rainer Lehnen

"The power is up and it sounds great."

William R. Gates EE
Bellevue, Washington

"The change in sound is not really noticeable until you push the car. Even then it's a very nice sports car sound as opposed to a harsh hot rod type noise. That was a pleasant surprise to go with the improved performance. "

Carla Halbrook
Dallas, Texas